MEDIA FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD, INC. (MFPG), is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) media production organization working in cooperation with other nonprofits to create original journalism from underrepresented points of view and dealing with underrepresented issues.  The often superficial journalism of the mainstream media tends to cover events, not issues.  This leaves a void that MFPG is working to fill.

MFPG’s programming is distributed to the public through a combination of traditional and new media.  It is available online through our web site, which we are developing as an established and publicly available repository of high quality issue-based programming.  Our programming will also be available through the online presences of partnering organizations and sponsoring organizations as well as through traditional public broadcasting channels.

MFPG is an outgrowth of Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc., a non-profit organization that for many years owned and operated WDFH FM 90.3, the only public radio station in New York’s lower Hudson River valley.  In 2013, HVCR divested itself of the WDFH broadcast license and refocused its attention into what has become MFPG.  This enables MFPG to focus more intently on production of programming while reaching a much larger audience than was possible running a local public radio station.

Phase I:

In the first phase of its development, MFPG is expanding the production and distribution of OutCasting, public radio’s LGBTQ youth program, which originated at WDFH in 2011.  In the summer of 2013, MFPG arranged to have the program nationally distributed on the Pacifica Radio Network.  OutCasting  is produced primarily at our fully-equipped broadcast and recording studio in Westchester County, New York.  We are working to to establish a presence in Manhattan so that at-risk LGBTQ young people from the city can participate as well.  In time, we hope to establish other OutCasting “bureaus” elsewhere so that the show can be sourced nationally as well as being heard nationally, reflecting a broader range of LGBTQ youth perspectives and ideas.

In addition to the show’s availability on Pacifica network stations across the country, OutCasting is also available as a podcast and for on-demand listening here at and through iTunes.

Phase II:

In the second phase, MFPG will start to work with various nonprofit partner organizations.  Many nonprofits lack the in-house capacity to produce high quality media; MFPG brings that capability to the table, along with a proven ability to attract highly authoritative guests and to produce programming that adheres to the high standards of public broadcasting.  Local or regional issues can often be expanded to become relevant and interesting to a national or even global audience, and the programming MFPG will produce in cooperation with these partner organizations will focus on these expanded issues.

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LGBTQ issues seen from the rarely heard perspectives of LGBTQ youth and straight allies — not by and for LGBTQ youth, but by LGBTQ youth and straight allies and for anyone who wants to better understand LGBTQ issues — parents, grandparents, kids, relatives, straight, LGBTQ, or whatever!


... in-depth coverage of LGBTQ issues, featuring discussions with highly authoritative experts and people with compelling stories

OutCasting Overtime

... working extra hard to bring you commentaries, discussions, and perspectives from our youth participants

OutCasting Off the Clock

... having fun with the Ga[y]me Show, extra commentaries, and other behind-the scenes stuff


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