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OutCasting helps create a less unjust world for LGBTQ people by contributing to our nation's discussion of LGBTQ issues from a unique youth perspective that enlightens a general public radio audience that's open to learning about LGBTQ issues but may not know much about them.
    • We produce public radio's only nationally-distributed LGBTQ youth programming, providing unique opportunities for LGBTQ youth and straight allies to talk on the air about issues that are important to them, tell their own compelling stories, and interview experts in many fields.

    • We create a national platform for LGBTQ youth and straight allies and empower a new generation of advocates.

    • We're a small organization, so your donation goes a lot further than it might at a larger organization.  Please consider a monthly donation!


MFPG is a nonprofit organization fully recognized as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as well as by New York State, so your support is tax-deductible.  Our main source of income is individual donations.  So we hope you'll be generous in your support so that we can continue to produce OutCasting and OutCasting Overtime, public radio's LGBTQ youth programs.  Monthly giving provides us with a steady stream of income, but we welcome non-recurring gifts as well, of course!


Why support OutCasting?

  • For our youth participants, OutCasting is an oasis, a safe space where they can make friends with similar interests and discuss their LGBTQ identities and the issues they face.  It empowers them by enabling them to explore and research these issues and talk about them to an audience reached by the more than 45 public radio stations that carry OutCasting.  It helps them to grow into their identities with self-assurance and pride.
  • We go in-depth with our subjects, providing deep insights into issues that are often complicated.
  • We provide a forum for the discussion of issues that are rarely mentioned in the mainstream media.
  • OutCasting provides a unique opportunity for LGBTQ youth and their allies, empowering them and giving them a voice that they would not have otherwise.
  • LGBTQ youth are often at risk — sometimes in unstable family situations because of their identity; sometimes in physical danger in school and elsewhere; and statistically at higher risk of suicide.  They often lack the information and resources that enable them to protect themselves, and and it's essential to provide support and nurturing for them in a safe environment.
  • As a participatory activity, OutCasting also provides our young producers with training, education, and experience in the real-world environment of producing nationally distributed public radio programs.
  • As a creator of public radio programming, OutCasting provides information and perspective to listeners all over the country.  Because it is aimed at — and heard by — not only the LGBTQ audience but a broad spectrum of the general public, it can help create a more stable and accepting environment for LGBTQ people by shedding light on issues that are unfortunately still divisive.
  • And by presenting in-depth exploration of LGBTQ issues, we also help LGBTQ youth — listeners and participants alike — envision a positive future for themselves.  This kind of thing changes lives.

Please consider monthly giving.  It's one of the best ways to ensure a steady funding stream for OutCasting and it's an easier way to make a significant donation.   If you give $50 a month, that's a $600 annual donation to MFPG; $100 a month gets you over the $1,000 mark annually and turns you into a major donor.  But whatever works best for you is fine.

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Special note about OutCasting


We are actively seeking underwriters (businesses and nonprofit organizations) and Founding Supporters — people, businesses, foundations, and anyone else who wants to support LGBTQ youth and allies and their involvement with OutCasting through tax-deductible donations of any amount — and particularly major donations of $10,000 and above.

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LGBTQ+ issues seen from the rarely heard perspectives of LGBTQ youth and straight allies — not by and for LGBTQ youth, but by LGBTQ youth and straight allies and for anyone who wants to better understand LGBTQ issues — parents, grandparents, kids, relatives, straight, LGBTQ, everyone!

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