Narrated by Carys and written by Andrew 2

OutCasting #100 — Part 1 of 2 — September 1, 2022

OutCasting #101 — Part 2 of 2 — October 1, 2022


Transgender people can face enormous discrimination.  What happens when prejudices among professionals and policies created without trans people in mind affect their ability to get the medical care they need -- even routine medical care?

We explore these issues in this two part OutCasting series, written by OutCasting youth broadcaster Andrew 2.



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Our guests are Dr. Marci Bowers, a transgender surgeon in California who also treats trans patients, and Michael Silverman, an attorney.  Much of this series was created before the Covid pandemic, and when we interviewed Michael, he was the executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund.  We are also joined by Jessica, Billie Rae, and Britney, three transgender women who have experienced difficulties in dealing with the healthcare system.

This program is narrated by OutCaster Carys and was produced with the participation of OutCasters Adam, Andrew 1, Brianna, Dante, Dhruv, Jamie, Joseph, Josh, Lauren, Lester, Lucas 1, Max, Michael, Natasha, Nico, Nicole, Nikki, Sarah, and Sydney.




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