AARP Purpose Prize Award Ceremony at the United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC, on the night Marc received his Purpose Prize Fellowship


award-purpose-prize-144406 OutCasting founder Marc Sophos receives AARP Purpose Prize Fellowship, a prestigious national award for OutCasting (2018)

— The Pacifica Radio Network

Awarded yearly, the prize “honors extraordinary individuals” who, based on work begun after the age of 40, “use their life experience to address tough social challenges.”   AARP notes, “…winners and nominees are role models.  They are makers and doers who create new solutions that make the world a better place for people of all ages.”




award-glsen-2022-0182GLSEN Lower Hudson Valley honors OutCasting founder and producer Marc Sophos with Adult Leadership Award for impact on LGBTQ+ youth (2022)  [pdf]

LGBTQ network honors DFHS alum for Outcasting

— The Rivertowns Enterprise, June 10, 2022

“I am so proud to be honored by an organization as vital to our LGBTQ youth as GLSEN,” Marc said.  “Our work at OutCasting brings together the different threads of my life, and I’m very fortunate to be able to provide an environment for today’s youth that could have done so much good for me when I was young.  It’s unbelievably rewarding.”








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