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OutCaster Jamie, with Joe and Alex in the background





OutCasting Overtime — monthly online feature featuring a wide range of LGBTQ youth topics, from hair styles and gender norms to politics and more.  Listen »




55.  A transgender teenager transitions.  OutCaster Amalee is interviewed by fellow OutCaster Alex.  Listen »





53 & 54.  Transgender youth transitioning.  Guests:  Dr. John Steever, physician; Dr. Matthew Oransky, psychologist.  Listen »




51 and 52.  LGBTQ women in AIDS activism.  Guest: Ann Northrop, longtime journalist and activist.  Listen »



50.  Intersex transgender youth.  Guest Dominic Luke Wolf talks with OutCasting youth participant Andrea.  Listen »



48 and 49.  Intersex - two part series.  Guests Georgiann Davis, Ph.D., and Cary Gabriel Costello, J.D., Ph.D.  Listen »



47.  Safe spaces for LGBTQ people, particularly youth — a discussion with Gabby Rivera, formerly of GLSEN, and Dr. Vinnie Pompei of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.  Listen »



46.  Gay Parenting (part 2) — a discussion with James Howe, well known author.  Listen »



45.  Gay Parenting (part 1) — a discussion with Gabriel Blau, longtime LGBTQ advocate and nonprofit consultant.  Listen »



43 and 44.  OutCaster Jamie and their friend Tori Greene discuss Tori’s experiences with being agender.  Two part series.  Listen »



42.  Across most of history and in many societies, gender is understood to be binary: a person is either male or female.  But in this fascinating conversation, OutCasting youth participant Jamie talks about what it's like to be non-binary.  Listen »



41 Media portrayals of LGBTQ people and issues shape the way that the public treats and understands.  In this episode, we examine these portrayals over the past five decades and consider the effects negative stereotypes can have on you.  Our guest is Larry Gross, a professor of communication at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, author of many books, including Up From Invisibility, and eminent authority on gay and lesbian studies.  Listen »



40.  Everyone experiences stress, but when you're LGBTQ, it gets worse because of stigma, prejudice, and discrimination, and has particularly strong effects on LGBTQ youth, who are at greatly heightened risk for substance abuse and suicide.  In this program, we look at minority stress in LGBTQ people with an eminent scholar on the topic, Ilan Meyer, Ph.D., of the UCLA School of Law.  Listen »



38-39.  In this two-part series, we talk with author and longtime activist Karla Jay about the Stonewall uprising, a series of riots at a gay bar in New York City in 1969 that marked a turning point in gay activism.  In addition to her writing and activism, Karla is a retired Distinguished Professor of Queer Studies and Women's Studies at Pace University in NYC.  Listen »



36-37.  Gilbert Baker was a longtime gay activist, best known as the creator of the rainbow flag.  We had the opportunity to interview Gilbert about his life and his activism just a month before his untimely death on March 31, 2017.  Listen »



35.  On this episode, released March 21, 2017, we begin an informal series connecting gay youth with gay elders.  OutCaster Travis talks with Christopher J. Hobson about coming out in the 1950s, surviving psychotherapy, and his activism.  Chris is a professor of English at the State University of New York at Old Westbury.  He is also a son of the late Laura Z. Hobson, who wrote the 1975 novel Consenting Adult, a fictionalization of her experience of initial revulsion when Chris came out to her and continuing through her growing acceptance after a period of more than a decade.  Listen »



32-34.  In this three part series posted on July 26, 2016, we explore the anti-LGBTQ backlash against the Supreme Court's marriage equality rulings.  Our guest is the author, journalist, and LGBTQ activist Michelangelo Signorile. 
Listen »



31.  Elliot, a participant in our NYC Bureau, talks about growing up bisexual and transgender.  Our NYC Bureau is a collaboration between OutCasting and the Hetrick-Martin InstituteListen »



29-30.  Asexuality.  In these linked episodes, OutCaster Dante gives a powerful first-person account of growing up asexual (Episode 29).  In Episode 30, he talks with Professor Anthony Bogaert of Brock University in Ontario to get an expert's perspective asexuality.  Listen »



25-28.   Issues faced by transgender people in sports.  A four-part series with Chris Mosier, a transgender athlete who talks about his transgender identity, what it was like for him to transition, and the issues faced by transgender people in sports.  Listen »

Read about Chris in a 2012 New York Times article and in The Advocate's 40 Under 40 for 2014.  Chris was featured in the film Just Gender

Read about this four-part OutCasting interview in Outsports.



24.  An interview with Maggie Keenan-Bolger, who wrote the play "Queering History" with homeless LGBTQ youth.  An abridged reading of the play was heard on the previous edition of OutCasting (#23, below).  Listen »



23.  "Queering History" — an in-studio reading of the play, written by Maggie Keenan-Bolger in collaboration with homeless LGBTQ youth.  "Queering History" illustrates the effect on students when LGBTQ history is excluded from school curricula.  On the next edition, OutCaster Travis talks with Maggie about the play.  Listen »



22.  Marriage equality as it applies to bi-national couples.  Guests Mimi Goodman, whose son Jesse is in a bi-national relationship with an Argentinian man named Max Oliva and was forced by the Defense of Marriage Act to leave the United States to stay together with Max; Lavi Soloway, a civil rights lawyer whose work focuses on bi-national couples and immigration issues.  Listen »



21.  The 2014 Winter Olympics and Russia's anti-LGBTQ climate.   Guests:  Greg Louganis, openly gay Olympic diving champion; Brian Healey of Athlete Ally.  Listen »



20.  Marriage equality following the Supreme Court's June 2013 rulings, part two of two.  Guest: Evan Wolfson, a key architect of the global marriage equality movement.  Listen »



19.  Marriage equality following the Supreme Court's June 2013 rulings, part one of two.  Guest Evan Wolfson, a key architect of the global marriage equality movement.  Listen »



18.  New York's Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA).  Guest Richard Gottfried, New York State Assembly Member and sponsor of the bill.  Listen »



17.  The Boy Scouts' gay ban is partially lifted.  Guests: Evan Wolfson, civil rights attorney; Zach Wahls, Scouts for Equality; Mark Noel, Inclusive Scouting Network; Michelle Tompkins, Girl Scouts of America; current and former Eagle scouts Michael, Christoph, and David.  Listen »



16.  Transgender identity, part two of two.  Guest: Juli Grey-Owens, transgender activist, board member of Empire State Pride Agenda.  Listen »



15.  Transgender identity (part one of two).  Guest: Juli Grey-Owens, transgender activist, board member of Empire State Pride Agenda.  Listen »



14a.  Bullying and suicide; California's LGBTQ education law.  Guests Dan Savage, activist and author; California State Senator and sponsor of the law.  Listen »



14.  LGBTQ people in religion (continued).  Guest:  Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal Bishop, whose consecration was followed by a global split in the church over the issue of homosexuality.  Listen »



13.  Countering the lack of visibility of LGBTQ youth.  Guests Diana Scholl and Laurel Golio of We Are The Youth.  Listen »



12.  LGBTQ people in religion (part 1).  Guest:  Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum of CBST — Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, NYC's LGBTQ synagogue.  And an audio essay by OutCaster Mady about stereotypes based on appearance.  Listen »



11.  Legal services for families and people living with HIV.  Guest: Richard Saenz, attorney with Queens Legal Services, a part of Legal Services NYC.  Listen »



10.  Two very different ways of dealing with LGBTQ issues in public education.  Guests: Mark Leno, California State Senator and sponsor of a California law to include LGBTQ history education in public schools; Brad Palmertree and Callie Wise of GLSEN Middle Tennessee on a proposed law there that would prohibit mention of anything other than heterosexuality until 9th grade.  Listen »



9.  Healthy LGBTQ teen relationships.  Guests: Kristine Poplawski, Rebecca Drago, and Honor Adams of the Domestic Violence Education and Prevention Program at My Sister's Place.  Listen »



8.  Growing up gay in a small southern town and the transition to college.  Guest: Joseph Birdsong, YouTube vlogger and musician.  Listen »



7.   Interview with and performances by Ryan Cassata, transgender activist and singer/songwriter.  Listen »



6.  Prideworks, a regional convention for LGBTQ youth and straight allies.  Debunking the "ex-gay" movement.  Guest: Dr. Jallen Rix, author.  Listen »



5.  World AIDS Day.  Guests: Twanna Hines of Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic and Santo Barbagiovanni of ARCS — AIDS Related Community Services.  Listen »



4.  LGBTQ youth literature.  Guest: Alex Sanchez, author.  Also, a discussion of LGBTQ people in the media and literature.  Listen »



3.  PFLAG — originally Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, now Parents, Families, Friends, and Allies United with LGBT People to Move Equality Forward.  Guest: David Diamond, a volunteer with PFLAG of Westchester County, New York.  Listen »



2.  Bullying and teen suicide.  Guest: Dan Savage, nationally-syndicated columnist, author, activist, and founder of the It Gets Better Project.  Listen »



1.  The role of Gay Straight Alliances in high schools.  Guest: Mary Jane Karger, board member of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network).  Also, decoding LGBTQ....  Listen »



Topic Index

Activism — 39, 40

Agender identity — 43, 44

AIDS/HIV — World AIDS Day — 5

AIDS activism — 51

Asexuality — 29, 30

Baker, Gilbert, remembering — Overtime, May 2017

Bisexual erasure — OffAir, November 2016

Bisexuality: Do you have to be a "Perfect Three" on the Kinsey Scale to be truly bisexual, and is bisexuality considered queer enough by the LGBTQ community to belong to the club? — Overtime, January 2018

Boy Scouts, fighting the LGBT ban — 17

Bullying — 2, 14a

Candidates and elected officials — Overtime, December 2018

Coming out — OffAir, October 2016

Compulsory heterosexuality — OffAir, January 2017

Connecting gay youth with LGBTQ history — 35, 36-37

Conversion therapy — 6

Education — LGBTQ issues in public schools — 10, 14a, 23, 24

Elected officials and candidates — Overtime, December 2018

Ex-gay "reparative" therapy — 6

Gay parenting — 45, 46

Gay-Straight Alliances in local schools — 1, 47

GENDA — the Gender Equality Non-Discrimination Act — 18

Gender identity — agender — 43, 44

Gender fluidity and dysphoria — OffAir, May 2016

Gender norms — 12, OffAir, September 2016

Gender, non-binary — 42

Growing up gay in a small southern town — 8

Hate crimes — Overtime, February 2018

Health isssues in LGBTQ people caused by minority stress — 40

Historical figures — was Alexander the Great gay?  OutCasting Overtime, April 2018

HIV/AIDS — World AIDS Day — 5

Intersex — 48-49, 50

Intersex transgender youth — 50

It Gets Better Project — 2, 14a

Kinsey Scale:Do you have to be a "Perfect Three" on the Kinsey Scale to be truly bisexual, and is bisexuality considered queer enough by the LGBTQ community to belong to the club?Overtime, January 2018

Legal services for LGBTQ families and people living with HIV — 11

Lesbians in AIDS activism — 51

Literature, LGBTQ youth — 4

Lying, why LGBTQ youth have to — OffAir, June 2016

Marriage equality and bi-national couples — 22

Marriage equality following the Supreme Court's 2013 rulings — 19, 20

Marriage equality, backlash against — 32-34

Media, portrayals of LGBTQ people and issues in — 41

Medical transition for transgender youth — 53 & 54, 55

Minority stress in LGBTQ people  — 40

Non-binary gender — 42

Olympics, appropriateness of holding games in Russia — 21

Orlando massacre — OffAir, July 2016

Outing — being outed by friends — Overtime, November 2017

Parenting — 45, 46


Politics — Overtime, December 2018

Prideworks — 6

Protests — OffAir, March 2017

Public schools — LGBTQ issues in public schools — 10, 14a, 23, 24

"Queer" vs. "gay — Overtime, September 2018

Queerbaiting — OffAir, April 2017

Rainbow flag — 36-37

Relationships — healthy LGBTQ teen relationships — 5, 8

Religion, LGBTQ people in — 12, 14

Reparative therapy — 6

Representation of LGBTQ people in media — 4

Representation of LGBTQ people in literature — 4

Republican Party platform, 2016 — OffAir, August 2016

Russia, repressive LGBTQ climate in context of 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi — 21

Safe spaces for LGBTQ people, particularly youth — 47

Stereotypes based on appearance — 12

Stonewall uprising — 38, 39

Straight allies — OffAir February 2017, Overtime March 2018

Suicide among LGBTQ teenagers — 2, 14a

Transgender identity — 7, 15, 16, 18, 25-28

Transgender issues in sports — 25-28

Transgender legal issues — 18

Transgender political issues — GENDA, the Gender Equality Non-Discrimination Act — 18

Transgender youth transitioning — 53 & 54, 55

Trump, Donald, election of — OffAir, December 2016

Visibility, lack of for LGBTQ youth — 13, 23, 24

Women and AIDS activism — 51, 52

Women's rights marches, connection to LGBTQ community — OffAir, March 2017



OutCaster Amalee on her medical transition — 55

Actors Maggie Keenan-Bolger, Ria Cooper, Liz Parker, Tim Connell, J'nelle Chelune, Nathan Gregory, Kirsten Benjamin, and Cheo Bourne — 23

Honor Adams (My Sister's Place) — 9

Gilbert Baker, longtime gay activist and creator of the rainbow flag — 36, 37

Santo Barbagiovanni (AIDS-Related Community Services) — 5

Joseph Birdsong, musician and vlogger — 8

Gabriel Blau, longtime LGBGQ advocate — 45

Professor Anthony Bogaert (Brock University, Ontario) — 29, 30

Ryan Cassata, musician — 7

Professor Cary Gabriel Costello (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) — 48, 49

Professor Georgian Davis (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) — 48, 49

David Diamond (PFLAG Westchester) — 3

Rebecca Drago (My Sister's Place) — 9

Eagle Scouts Michael, David, Christoph — 17

Laurel Golio (We Are The Youth) — 13

Mimi Goodman — 22

Richard Gottfried, New York State Assemblyman — 18

Juli Grey-Owens, transgender activist — 15, 16

Larry Gross, professor, University of Southern California, authority on gay and lesbian studies and LGBTQ issues in the media — 41

Brian Healey (Athlete Ally) — 21

Twanna Hines (Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic) — 5

Christopher Z. Hobson — 35

James Howe, author — 46

Professor Karla Jay — 38, 39

Mary Jane Karger (GLSEN Hudson Valley) — 1

Maggie Keenan-Bolger — 23, 24

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum (CBST) — 12

Mark Leno, California State Senator — 10, 14a

Greg Louganis — 21

Ilan H. Meyer, Ph.D. (UCLA School of Law) — 40

Chris Mosier, transgender athlete — 25-28

Mark Noel (Inclusive Scouting Network) — 17

Ann Northrop, longtime journalist and activist — 51, 52

Dr. Matthew Oransky, psychologist — 53

Brad Palmertree (GLSEN Middle Tennessee) — 10

Dr. Vinnie Pompei (Human Rights Campaign Foundation) — 47

Kristine Poplawski (My Sister's Place) — 9

Gabby Rivera (formerly of GLSEN) — 47

Dr. Jallen Rix — 6

Bishop Gene Robinson — 14

Richard Saenz, attorney — 11

Alex Sanchez, author — 4

Dan Savage, author and activist — 2, 14a

Diana Scholl (We Are The Youth) — 13

Michelangelo Signorile — 32-34

Lavi Soloway, civil rights attorney (DOMA Project) — 22

Dr. John Steever, physician — 53

Michelle Tompkins (Girl Scouts of America) — 17

Tori, an agender person — 43

Zach Wahls (Scouts for Equality) — 17

Callie Wise (GLSEN Middle Tennessee) — 10

Dominic Luke Wolf, an intersex transgender youth — 50

Evan Wolfson, civil rights attorney (Freedom to Marry) — 17, 19, 20




AIDS Related Community Services — 5

Boy Scouts of America — 17

CBST – Congregation Beit Simchat Torah — 12

DOMA Project — 22

Episcopal Church — 14

Freedom to Marry — 19, 20

GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) — 1, 10, 47

Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) — 47

It Gets Better Project — 2, 14a

Legal Services NYC — 11

Mount Sinai Hospital — 53

My Sister’s Place — Domestic Violence Education and Prevention Program — 9


Planned Parenthood — 5

Prideworks — 6

We Are The Youth — 13



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