OutCasting youth participants in our home studio — clockwise from top left, Jamie, Nicole, Sydney, Andrew, Joe


OutCasting Studios

OutCasting is based in Westchester County in New York's Lower Hudson River Valley just north of New York City.  OutCasting began there in 2011.  Young people from Westchester and Rockland counties participate in OutCasting at this main studio.  If you're an LGBTQ youth (out or closeted) or straight ally of high school or college age (middle school age on a case-by-case basis), you're within commuting distance of southern Westchester for weekly production sessions, and you're interested in joining, please read the Join OutCasting page and then contact us.

OutCasting is expanding in order to increase the diversity of the voices you hear on the show, letting you hear the ideas, experiences, and perspectives of young people growing up outside the Lower Hudson Valley area.  This expansion will also enable us to increase our production schedule, which in turn will make the program more attractive to more public radio stations, thus increasing the program's reach and influence.

The first expansion took place in the Fall of 2014, when we opened our New York City Bureau in cooperation with the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI), a well known nonprofit organization that provides services to LGBTQ youth.  Our NYC Bureau operated within HMI's facilities in the East Village in Manhattan.  Because of incompatibilities between OutCasting's needs and HMI's policies, the NYC Bureau closed in 2017.

The second expansion took place in the Fall of 2015 at Michigan State University.  The MSU Bureau provides opportunities for MSU students to participate.  If you're a student at MSU, please read the MSU Bureau page and feel free to contact us.

As we work to establish the MSU Bureau, we are creating a template that can be replicated at other universities elsewhere in the country.  As we do this, we'll enhance our ability to share with you the voices of a growingly diverse group of young people.  One can imagine that young people have different experiences growing up LGBTQ in different parts of the country — New England, the South, the Midwest, the Far West — and we want to give people in these and other areas a chance to talk about their experiences, ideas, and perspectives.

If you are a college or university in the United States in an area not served by our existing main studio and bureaus and you're interested in establishing a bureau there, please contact us with the subject line "Bureau Proposal."  We are looking to work with colleges and universities with LGBTQ student centers and student-operated FM radio stations on campus.   Thanks!


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