A commentary from OutCaster Justin on oppression and murder of innocent black people


June 2, 2020

An expanded version of this commentary is featured in the July 2020 edition of OutCasting Overtime.

As a black gay male in America today, I've felt like my voice was never heard.  Simple things like going for a run, holding someone's hand, or getting pulled over by the cops could get me killed.  I had to realize these things as a child.  I've always had to watch what I do around people because of the simple fact of whom I love and what my skin color is.  

During Black History Month, I presented a poem that is about the oppression and murder of innocent black people.  As a result of the protests and riots in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement, I realized my voice needs to be heard.


walking through the city streets
past sundown
keeping my hands out of my pockets
hood down
pic in hand
police sirens wailing
screaming out of the megaphone
my knees hitting the concrete
they say
children screaming
lights gleaming
women crying
shots firing
heartbeat dropping
laughter stopping
it was a misunderstanding they say
we all know their ways


George Floyd, Breonna Tayor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland, Samuel Dubose, and Eric Garner are just a few of the thousands of black people that were murdered by police officers.  George Floyd "allegedly" forged a check and was killed by officer Derek Chauvin.  Breonna Taylor was killed in her sleep by police officers in her Kentucky apartment during a police raid on the wrong apartment.  These are just two of the thousands of stories of innocent black people getting killed because of their skin color.  This is entirely unacceptable: my people, my friends, my family are getting murdered everyday and the government sees nothing wrong with that.  It is disgusting.

It has never been and never will be that black lives matter more than others; it's the simple fact that as a community we've seen how much black lives don't matter.  And now we are all tired of not getting listened too.  I am tired of not getting listened to.  Our voices are important and need to be heard.



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