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Meet the LGBTQ youth and straight allies who create OutCasting — and watch this video and this one of OutCasters talking about what working on the show means to them.  Working with professional guidance, training, and supervision, these young adults come up with topics, research issues, book guests, prepare and conduct interviews, write scripts, edit and produce the show, create videos, and more.  Along the way, they gain substantive knowledge on the topics OutCasting covers.  And listen to individual profiles in our OutCaster of the Month series.

As The Advocate noted:

In-depth, well researched, and punchy in the right ways... NPR-level production values....  What makes all this remarkable is that most of the people working on the show... are barely old enough to drive."

And from GLAAD:

some of the most honest and accurate representations of LGBT and allied youth in the media.


Some OutCasters have trans, fluid, and non-binary gender identifications.  Some of them use traditional he/him and she/her pronouns; others use the singular they/them.  Pronoun choice is important to self-identification, and the pronouns OutCasters choose are the ones we use.

Some OutCasting youth participants prefer to remain anonymous and are not included here.

OutCasters with asterisks were members of the founding group of OutCasters in 2011.

OutCasting is led by Marc Sophos.



Isha is a junior at Edgemont Jr./ Sr. High school and has been a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance since eighth grade.  In her spare time she enjoys thrifting, participating in Model U.N., and watching true crime documentaries!




and others who prefer not to be publicly identified




* indicates Founding Member of OutCasting.  Bios and photos were generally current as of the time these alumni were involved in OutCasting.


oc-george-150George *

George is one of OutCasting founding members.  His most notable contribution was On Air with OutCasting, a short documentary about the program and how it has affected the lives of its volunteers.  George directed and edited the film from numerous interview and b-roll footage he shot during his time at OutCasting.  George left OutCasting for college in 2013 and continues to make films.  He looks back on his time at OutCasting with the fondest of memories.


 oc-westchester-juliana-2016-02-24-181446Juliana *

Juliana is one of the founding members of OutCasting, having started in 2011 as a high school junior.  They returned after receiving a B.A. in Communication from Marist College.  They have been involved in LGBT activism since joining their high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance during their  freshman year in high school.  Juliana is also a standup comedian.


 mady-2016-150pxMady *

Mady is one of OutCasting's founding members, having started in 2011 as a sophomore in high school.  She left the program in 2013 to attend college in Boston, and is currently finishing up her undergraduate degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and Women's Studies.  Mady holds OutCasting near and dear to her heart not only for the technical experience it provided but also for the opportunities it has presented her with as she continues to work in fields relevant to current social and political issues.


oc-travis-2014Travis *

Travis worked on OutCasting from its inception in 2011.  He is a theatre person who writes and performs in various productions.  A college student who stayed with us until he left for college in 2014, he looks to pursue theatre in school and one day combine his love of theatre and radio into a fabulous and meaningful product.  He returned from college in 2015 to conduct our interview with Christopher Z. Hobson.



Abhiram is a junior at Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School and joined OutCasting in November 2020.  Abhiram is a member of his school’s GSA and Gender Equality Club, and joined OutCasting as another branch of his activism for LGBTQIA+ issues.  Abhiram is also a captain of his school’s debate team and competes in debate nationally.  He also is a part of his school’s chamber choir and runs cross country and track.



Alex is a senior at Edgemont High School and joined OutCasting in Fall 2016.  His main interests are track and field and writing.  He is grateful to be able to support his community in any way he can.





Amalee is OutCasting’s biggest music nerd, a high school senior, an artist, and a published author.  She joined in the summer of 2018.





Andrew is now a college student.  He worked at OutCasting from 2014 until he left for college in August 2015.  He has been involved with LGBT issues since 2010.  His biggest passion is music and he loves getting to work in radio.




Andrew is a senior at Edgemont High School who joined OutCasting in March 2017.  He is a math/science/engineering nerd who is involved in FIRST robotics.  He is transgender, and he joined OutCasting in order to be an active member of the LGBTQ community and educate both himself and the public about LGBTQ issues.



Ari is a senior at Rye High school who joined OutCasting in November of her Njunior year.  She enjoys exploring and learning about nature, science, activism, and the arts.  As an LGBTQ person, she is happy and grateful to be able to contribute to the community through OutCasting.  In college she plans to study art and environmental science while still pursuing her interest in activism.



Becca is a senior at Rye High School who joined OutCasting after the 2016 presidential election, during her junior year.  She enjoys reading, writing prose, hiking at sunset, figure drawing, oil painting, printmaking, and exploring New York’s DIY music scene.  She knows how to manage a hydroponic greenhouse and make yogurt from cashews.  She operates the sound board for her school’s theatrical productions, and has an interest in both the technical aspect and LGBTQ activism aspect of OutCasting.  In the future she hopes to study biological engineering.



Brian is a junior at Ossining High School and joined OutCasting in late February 2020.  He identifies as bisexual and participates in his school’s sports lacrosse and track teams and in his school's GSA.  In his downtime, Brian writes songs, plays guitar, draws, and paints pieces — and watches too much anime :).



Brianna is a graduating senior who will be attending SUNY New Paltz to study English.  She joined Outcasting in July of 2015 and loves the work she has been able to do through the show.  She enjoys loud music, slam poetry, and competitive swimming. 




Callie is a student at Masters who joined OutCasting in 2016.  She likes to sing, play piano, and play tennis.  She likes being apart of OutCasting because as an LGBT+ person she wants to help educate others on important issues in any way she can.





Outcaster Chris is member of the Rye Neck High School class of 2023.  He partakes in his school’s GSA and Student Council, and he is head of sound in the theater department.  In his downtime he enjoys writing music and learning about astrology. He appreciates making handcrafted jewelry as well as visual arts.



Chris is currently a junior in college.  He was a member of the OutCasting team from his junior year in high school in 2011 to when he left for college to pursue a career with sound in live theatre in 2013.  He is a drummer from time to time and a fan of all music genres.  He is enjoying his time in college and has learned a lot during the three years there so far.




OutCasting's (self-proclaimed) most interesting OutCaster in the world, Dante has been a member since his senior year of high school in 2015.  Dante is currently the only known asexual member in OutCasting's main studio.  He came to OutCasting after a miscommunication with some friends caused him to learn about Outcasting after attending a full session, completely confused.  He joined OutCasting to help better understand issues faced by the community.

Dante shared his personal story of growing up asexual in OutCasting 29 and interviewed asexuality expert Anthony Bogaert, a professor from Canada, in Episode 30.



Dhruv is a senior at Edgemont High School, and joined Outcasting in Fall 2016.  He wants to support the LGBTQ community as an ally at Outcasting.  He also wants to learn more about audio engineering and how radio shows are produced. His passions include running and online shopping.




Ian is a student currently studying at Manhattanville College.  Ian is a history major, straight ally, and a noob, and joined in May 2017.  He is a youth activist with Black Lives Matter.





Jamie is a senior in high school who enjoys being a part of the OutCasting experience.  Their main passion is music, specifically singing, and would eventually like to use their skills for the benefit of the show.  Jamie has participated in radio and television production since they were in the 6th grade, and continue to enjoy it.  As a gender fluid teenager, they feel that the mission of OutCasting is one that is both personal and significant.



During his time at OutCasting, Joe was a high school student who loved making music and writing.  As a straight ally, he was extremely excited to be involved with LGBTQ issues and a part of one of the most important civil rights issues today.




Josh is a freelance writer who identifies under LGBTQ.  He has a great passion for technology and learning about it.  He enjoys writing fiction and reading fiction story in the fantasy or horror genre.  He draws sometimes, but doubts his art skills.  Josh loves to call people out on their opinion and make you really think about where you stand on something.



Justin is a junior in high school.  He's the Vice President of his school’s GSA, which is where he heard about OutCasting Media.  Justin took this opportunity to share his experiences and opinions revolving around the LGBTQ community.




Keren joined the outcasting team in May 2014, her senior year of high school.  During her senior year, Keren served as the president of her school's Gay Straight Alliance.  Now a student at the University of Pittsburgh, her involvement in LGBT*QIA activism is still going strong.  She is the president of a Jewish LGBT organization on campus and is receiving a certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies.  In her spare time she does stand-up, travels, and watches as much TV as she can fit in her schedule.



Lauren joined OutCasting in 2016 and continued with it for two years.  She loved working on OutCasting, and she learned a lot from the experience.  She is now taking her interests in research, interviewing, the stories of LGBTQ people, and figuring out what a community is to college, where she is studying history.  Lauren is bisexual and loves fun facts, a good cup of tea, and of course, rainbows.



For Lester, there is a lot to be explored to find his passion and career, especially since he has a taste for both the eccentric as well as the mainstream.  He is a tech enthusiast and has a focused interest in media.  Lester is a straight ally who likes to stay current with LGBT issues in the media.




Lil is a sophomore at Rye Neck High School.  She joined Outcasting to learn about the production of a public radio show, while also wanting to spread awareness about her community.  Lil enjoys drawing, spending time with her pets, and collecting things.




Lucas is a senior at Rye Neck High School. He became interested in radio through a podcast he created surrounding youth and religion. He is excited to combine his love for public radio and support his community.



oc-westchester-lucas-382-150x150 Lucas

Lucas is a senior at Edgemont High School and recently joined OutCasting.  He enjoys supporting the LGBTQ community through OutCasting, participating in political events, listening to the radio, ironically criticizing late stage capitalism, cooking, and skiing.




Max joined in the summer preceding his senior year at Scarsdale High School in 2017.  He joined because although he believes he’s fairly informed about the LGBTQ community, he understands there is much to learn and there are many ways to support.  He loves skateboarding, making music, and iced tea.




Michael is an art student who joined OutCasting as a high school senior.  He is interested in LGBTQ+ rights, culture, and media.  He loves having the opportunity to work with radio and video equipment and is an enthusiast of technology.  He is passionate about art, culture, and communication of all kinds.




Natasha is a straight ally who wants to help create a better world for the LGBTQ community.  Her favorite thing about Outcasting was being able to learn new things through her research for the program and from her peers.





Nico is a senior at Scarsdale High School.  Nico recently joined OutCasting to get more involved in the LGBTQ community, and is interested in various means of storytelling — radio being one of them.  Nico also enjoys drawing, writing, and using both to create comics.  Cats and coffee are Nico’s two true best friends.


oc-nicole-2014Nicole K.

Nicole identifies under the LGBTQ umbrella.  OutCasting allowed her to channel her passion for activism and equal rights.  She enjoys learning about LGBTQ causes and perspectives that she may not have had before.  The learning process is one of the things she found most valuable about participating at Outcasting. 




Nicole S.

Nicole was a straight ally at OutCasting.  She was active in her high school's drama club as a painter, set designer, and lighting engineer and is now majoring in Theatre Design and Technology in college.  Nicole was also a tutor for the Big Brother Big Sister program and loves helping the people around her as much as she can.  She enjoyed her participation in OutCasting not only for the technological experience but also for knowing that she is making a difference in what is quite possibly the most important social and political movement of her generation.



Quinn is a senior in high school and a new member of OutCasting.  He joined OutCasting to help spread awareness about the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community, in addition to learning the technical aspect of how a radio show is produced.  Quinn is ftm transgender, and hopes to show others like him that they are not alone throughout their journey.  He is very passionate about photography, writing, cooking, and designing, and hopes to one day inspire others.


Sam is a senior in high school.  She joined OutCasting because she is the president of her school’s Gay/Straight Alliance club.  She joined as a straight ally because she wanted to support her questioning friends.




Sarah is a student at Barnard College who returned to OutCasting while Barnard was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  She originally joined OutCasting in 2016.





Sydney was at OutCasting from 2013 until she left for college in September 2016.  She left as a senior in high school who enjoys music and thinks dogs are really cool.  Sydney is not quite sure what she wishes to pursue in college and the future, but hopes to do something that matters to others.




Sylvia has served autistic and otherwise disabled college students since 2015.  Meanwhile, she has a passion for serving autistic and transgender communities as well as disabled and LGBTQ+ people more broadly.  As an autistic and transgender social worker, she has investigated accessibility for autistic college students and transgender health among other topics.  She has also presented on campus-based, cross-county, national, and international levels about everything from autism acceptance and healing from abuse while disabled to transgender health, supporting LGBTQ+ communities regardless of race and disability status, and more.

Her work has been acknowledged by Dr. Lauren Greiner, a leader in the field of clinical work with autistic adults, and, until recently, she served CUNY’s autistic students through Project REACH, where she wrote the system's official training manual on the beat peer mentoring methods for autistic college students.  She lives in Westchester with her family and is a big lover of music as a form of self-expression, healing, and connection.









Vivian is a senior at Scarsdale High School.  She is active on her school’s debate team and is passionate about social justice.  In her free time she enjoys listening to podcasts and reading.







Alex is a mathematics major and German minor at Michigan State, and he works as a math tutor and teaching assistant.  He hopes to move on to graduate school and later become a math professor.





As a sophomore at MSU, Audriana is completely new to radio.  As a journalism major, she is obsessed with staying informed and meeting different, interesting people.  Audriana enjoys podcasts, lame jokes, and anything related to natural hair.
Gloria is working on earning her bachelor’s in Journalism and in Graphic Design.  She likes to snuggle under three blankets on a couch and drink black tea.  Some of her favorite podcasts and radio stations include This American Life’s Serial, A Way with Words, and Criminal.  She is interested in OutCasting because of its ease in giving a voice to LGBTQ youth.



Jay is a Professional Writing major at Michigan State University and is a member of OutCasting's bureau there.  When they graduate, Jay hopes to go into grant writing  and communications for a nonprofit focusing on environmental or LGBT+ issues.  In their free time, they run a poetry blog and contemplate the incomprehensible vastness of the universe.




Kayl is a bisexual male majoring in Comparative Cultures and Politics with a German minor at Michigan State University.  He is a member of James Madison College and the Honors College there as well.  Kayl enjoys playing tennis, his clarinet, and his alto sax.




oc-msu-lex-150 Lex
Lex is a college freshman majoring in Journalism and minoring in Graphic Design, Photography, and Broadcast Journalism.  She finds great pride and excitement in LGBTQ+ activism.  On a typical day, she can be found reading, writing, or watching a horror movie. She is an author-in-training passionate about protecting human rights.  Outcasting is one way she feels she can be extremely involved in LGBTQ+ youth.


Lucy is a senior at Michigan State University studying Linguistics with a minor in Spanish.  She enjoys listening to podcasts, going for walks, and spending time with friends.  Lucy joined OutCasting in 2016.



Samantha is completing her B.A. in English and Women’s and Gender Studies, with a minor in LGBTQ and Sexuality Studies at Michigan State University.  After graduation, she hopes to do content writing and social media management in the non-profit sector.  Samantha enjoys musical theatre and classic literature.






Chow became a member of the Harvey Milk High School in February 2016.  Starting as an ally of the LGBTQ community and then becoming a part of the community has been one of his best experiences.  Chow uses he/him pronouns and enjoys making small cute doodles anywhere possible.  Writing has always been a great pastime, but his day also consists of as much music Spotify can offer, getting lost in Manhattan on a daily basis, and exploring the depths of the one and only Barnes and Noble.



An aspiring radio personality and writer, Dontae is an NYC native who joined OutCasting's NYC Bureau to speak on internal and external issues of the LGBT community.  Currently, he works for the public access station Bronxnet while attending New York Institute of Technology for Communications Arts.  He has a fun, comedic personality that can talk a wall down.  Dontae also participates in the Ballroom Scene on his spare time and is a blogger on WordPress.



Elliott is a trans bisexual male.  He's a freelance writer who writes fiction and fantasy and is a high school student in New York City.  He hopes someday to publish a screeenplay about his struggles growing up trans and bisexual.





During his time at OutCasting, Jay was a mechanical engineering grad student researching whale ears.  He wants to see a mainstream LGBTQIA movement that centers the most marginalized voices and takes action.  He has always lived in Queens, New York, and was a founding member of OutCasting's New York City Bureau.




Je’Jae is a student at Hunter College, part of the City University of New York, in the Unique and Interdisciplinary studies program majoring in Media and Communication Arts.  Je’Jae identifies as a genderqueer/gay individual and does not use any pronouns.  Je’Jae was an OutCasting youth participant during 2015 and 2016.  Je’Jae's interests include art making, reading, writing, reporting, traveling, and anything related to media.  Je’Jae would like to work in the media industry, specifically the entertainment sector, and would love to do screenwriting for a news comedy show.




During his time at OutCasting, JT was an electrical engineering undergrad interested in audio and emotions.  He's studied the teleology of homosexuality and the metaphysics therein.  Bronx, born and raised.  Walks on the beach, sure, but not too long.  He was a founding member of OutCasting's New York City Bureau.




Khadija was a member of OutCasting in 2015 and 2016.  She is a massage student at the Swedish Institute and she enjoys writing, singing, and city life.






Photos not available:

 Bethsheba *

Nora *





Naina (MSU)

Eliot (MSU)

Jessica (NYC)

and others who have preferred not to be publicly identified



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